Seasonal inspirations to help keep the creativity and enjoyment of meal time exciting.

Seasonal Hummus (227g)   $9

Our weekly hummus inspiration perfect for dipping veggies or spreading on our sourdough. 

High Protein Power Bowl (per person)   $18

Lentils, chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, spinach and feta with dijon tahini

Signature Whole Roast Chicken (3-4lb)   $29

This is our passion...local farm fresh chicken, 6hr brine, 2 day air dry, roasted to juicy perfection!

Lean & Clean ~ Charcoal Roasted Chicken Breast  (per person)  $17

Perfectly brined, charcoal roasted chicken breast, charred broccoli and herb

Artisanal Sourdough Bread (750g)   $8

Baked fresh, true sourdough, great depth of flavour and lots of character. Amazing crust with moist interior...perfect anytime of the day!

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